Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mid JULY?!?! Where has the time gone?

Most of my time has been spent working on our house and planning our upcoming wedding. So knitting and blogging have taken a backseat to those activities for the time being. Although blogging has been pretty much in the trunk since my last post was in APRIL. At least I've picked up the needles a few times since then. In fact I started and, more importantly, finished knitting a Christmas stocking for my soon-to-be hubby:

Christmas Stocking

Please excuse the awful camera phone picture, but it's the best I had on this computer. My stocking is in progress. It will have snowflakes where his has snowmen and the holly design is slightly different. I purchased these wonderful stocking patterns from Annie's Woolens. I used KnitPicks Wool of the Andes and US 6&8 circular needles. Overall I love knitting the stockings, although I must admit this is my first time doing any significant colorwork, so at first it took awhile to get used to. Now if I can only get myself motivated (or find the time) to finish mine. A lot is going on between now and Christmas -- want to get these done so I can start on my Christmas gift knitting!!