Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I'm a busy bee

What can I say? I know I said that my blogging should pick back up now that the bar exam is over. But I get home from work around 7 at night and spend the 2.5 hours I'm awake actually knitting. I've even been knitting on the train. Of course, a good blogger would take pictures of said accomplishments to make her post less boring. In due time.

For now a brief overview of where I stand:
I finally turned the heel on the second Clementine sock from back in June. A few weeks ago, I had knit the heel flap while at the beach, but did the actual turning on the train yesterday.

The other project I'm knitting at the moment is another surprise that I'm hoping to finish by Friday. Not sure if the intended recipient reads this, but I don't want to take any chances.

I also purchased my first Monkey Sock bag and DPN roll from Momma Monkey, the wonderful designer behind Socktopia and Monkey Toes. I have been coveting one of these bags for awhile and now that I received my first paycheck I just *had* to order one!!

And with that brief picture-less update, I shall go to sleep.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Yarny Goodness

425 yards, 75% Superwash wool, 25% nylon in the Strawberry Lemonade colorway.

What a lovely surprise to celebrate making it through my first week of work! Things have been pretty crazy around here that I totally forgot that I ordered this yummy yarny goodness from the L&V Shop! My little brother let the dog in the front door a little while ago and says "Jen! You have a package from Iowa!!" Woohoo! I think I ran downstairs faster than a little kid on Christmas morning.

So tempted to cast on one of the many sock patterns I want to try. But so far I've been really good about working on just one at a time. The good thing is that I have lots of time on the train each day to knit. Now if I can just remember to grab my knitting bag on my way out the door in the mornings...

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Progress and Pictures and Frogs, oh my!

Yes, that is right. I actually made significant progress on my Clementine socks. Remember them from waaayyyy back in June for the Socktopia Knit-off? I knit a whole sock and 1/4 of the leg in a little over two days the weekend of the Knit-off. Over a month later, I am finally about to turn the heel of the second sock. Given my lack of knitting time lately, this is significant progress. And here's the picture to prove it: (please excuse the poor quality. It's 9 pm here and unfortunately I have no natural light and thus my table lamp will have to do for now. I am too excited about posting some progress that I don't have the patience to set up a proper picture)

Clementine Socks

As for the frogs... well there is really only one. I frogged the Giotto socks that I cast on at the very start of the Summer of Socks 2007. I love the Seacoast Handpainted Panda yarn and the pattern is nice, but for right now I'd prefer something a little less intricate. The cabling is a bit too intense for my patience at the moment.

For right now, the Clementine Socks are my only current SOS 07 socks as they are my only remaining WIP's that I cast on after the summer solstince. Hopefully I can close up the toe by the end of the week and cast on another pair. Yes, I still have three other socks in progress. But I'd really like to give magic loop a try with my Knit Picks circs I ordered a few weeks ago. I made a deal with myself not to cast on anything new until I finished up at least one of my socks-in-progress, so the needles will just have to continue to mock me from their perch atop my knitting basket for a little while longer....

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Knitting on the WWW

In addition to the groups feature on Ravelry, which I mentioned the week before the bar, there have been several other online projects, blogs, and message boards that occupy my time and sometimes cut into my actual knitting time. So I thought I'd post about a few of those since I still do not have significant knitting progress about which to write. Enjoy!

First, as my fellow Lime & Violet listeners already know, our favorite podcasters have launched their new blog: Lime & Violet's The Daily Chum; "a bloggy daily newsletter full of All Things Creative & Fiber, brought to you by the crazy duo of Lime & Violet."

Along with the blog, Miss Violet also started a knitting version of Chore Wars: Knit Wars, where you catalog your progress on various projects to collect experience points and other treasures along the way. Hopefully over the next few days/weeks I can increase my points and get those darn socks finished!

As I mentioned in the previous post, football season is fast approaching. What do we knitters do when a new season is upon us? Start a knit-along of course! Over at the Football-a-long, there will be fantasy football, various contests, as well as charity projects. The first charity project will be Cubs for Kids to knit outfits for teddy bears to be given to homeless children.

In addition to these, there are countless blogs to which I subscribe and read on a daily basis. My Google Reader currently has over 80 subscriptions -- many more than I have listed over on the sidebar. I am hoping to tweak the site a little and create a more complete blog roll. For now, it is back to my actual rather than virtual knitting.