Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Too many projects OTN?

A few days ago on Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's Never Not Knitting page-a-day calendar, the Yarn Harlot wrote a little blurb about how certain knitters do not enjoy finishing - the sewing up, weaving in ends, blocking, etc because they do not consider themselves seamstresses or laundresses. I think I fall in that category of knitters. While I really do love making the small stuffed animals, dolls, and toys. I truly do not like sewing the pieces together or working on the small details. Yes, it is the point in the process where the dolls begin to come to life and their personality shines through; however I drag my feet when it comes to that part. And that is usually the point where I decide to cast on something else.

Which leads me to the point of this post - is it possible to have too many projects OTN? Yesterday I came to the realization that I just may have too many. Too many that I can't decide what I want to knit first because I want to finish all of them and too many that there are times when none of them appeal to me at all... I have 4 dolls in progress (including the cuddly clown I started in January -- he still needs a face); my Chevron Scarf, an Irish Hiking Scarf, the corner-to-corner blanket, 3 socks (2 are the second socks, 1 is the first of the pair), Ms. Marigold sweater vest, and the Central Park Hoodie. Not to mention the many, many, many projects that I'm just itching to start for the holidays. (Let's face it - I'd better start holiday knitting soon so they'll be done in time.)

For now, the Chevron scarf is calling me, so off I go to knit.