Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy New Year!

And so she returns after a 2 month+ absence. Has it really been that long since I blogged on here?

I suppose I will start with my New Year's Resolutions (and how I plan to accomplish them):
  • Blog more regularly. As in not letting 2 months pass between posts. My plan right now is to blog on Saturday mornings. I usually spend that time browsing the internet anyway, so I might as well make it productive and blog, right?
  • Knit at LEAST 30 minutes every day. On my long work days (when I take the train), the 30 minute train ride in the morning and the 40 minute train ride in the evening is perfect for this. On the short days (when I work in the closer office and drive), I am not as tired when I get home and will knit as I watch TV and unwind.
  • Finish or frog everything I currently have OTN. And there are a lot of them: Mitten #2 (for me), a hat for the boy (attempt #3...), a Chevron scarf, an afghan, a teddy bear, three or four socks (some are sock #1 and some are sock #2), another hat I found in my stash containers (completely forgot that I was making this hat), a doll that was supposed to be a Christmas gift (but can wait until next year). And then there are the projects for which I already have the yarn and are in my queue on Ravelry. The Finishalongapalooza over at the Lime n Violet group on Ravelry will definitely help with this. Plus I've decided not to cast on something new until something comes off the needles. So far, so good.

I leave you with my Chevron Scarf. I really love how the colors work together.

Chevron Scarf

Happy New Year everyone!