Sunday, April 13, 2008

Where did she go?

Whoa... talk about neglecting the blog (and my New Years Resolution to blog every Saturday morning!). Well life got in the way. The boy and I bought a house in February and much of our time is spent painting and getting the house ready. Then there's work and wedding plans and... And quite frankly, I found that in what little free time I had, I'd rather sit down with the needles and knit instead of writing about it. And knit I did!

Resolution #2 was to knit at least a half hour a day, and I would say that on average, I faired pretty well. On the days that I took the train to work, I usually dragged the needles out of my back, with the exception of the days that I did not get a seat. At night, I'd knit while unwinding and watching TV. Weekends were hit-or-miss.

As for resolution #3 and the WIPS/UFOS... well let's run down the list and see how that went:
Mitten #2 -- I probably have another 20 minutes' worth of knitting left -- just have to close the top of the hand and knit the thumb. But how can I be motivated when it's been in the 70's the past few days?

Hat for the boy -- finished, but it was too big... read on further to see the solution...

Chevron Scarf - recently made a re-appearance near the top of my list. This one has become my train project and I've made a bit of progress.

As for the others -- the afghan, the abandoned socks, the bear, the doll, etc... they haven't been touched. Why you ask? Well that's because for the life of me, I just cannot help casting on new projects...

Ms. Marigold - my first sweater (vest). I cast this one on in February (I think...) and I'm almost done with the body. Then on to the edging around the neck and arm holes.

I participated in Yarn Smackdown, which is similar to Hat Attack. A hat pattern was released one night in March, you knit it as fast as you could and mailed it to your opponent in hopes that it would reach her/him before their hat reached you. I lost in the first round, but had a great time and ended up with a really nice hat.

This led to my knitting this pattern (Classic WWII Watch cap, which can be found here and here) for a second time because I would finally find a hat that would fit the boy! And it does! But it's now too late to be wearing it....

I also started the Central Park Hoodie a few days ago.

And as always, I have many many other projects waiting to be cast on...

So needless to say, I have been a busy bee.

Happy Knitting. Until next time!